English: 18 Carat Virgin (1924), Pitigrilli. Cover of the first English edition published by publishing house Greenberg, New York, 1933.

“The story of Melitta, the ‘18 Carat Virgin’, Sketch, a well-meaning weakling who disrupts her life, and the ‘other woman’, an exotic actress who knew the scent of every natural and artificial blossom in the fields of love.”

Português: A Virgem de 18 Quilates (1924), Pitigrilli. Capa da primeira edição em inglês publicada pela editora Greenberg, Nova York, 1933.

Español: La Virgen de 18 Quilates (1924), Pitigrilli. Portada de la primera edición en inglés publicada por la casa editorial Greenberg, Nueva York, 1933.

Italiano: La Vergine a 18 Carati (1924), Pitigrilli. Copertina della prima edizione in lingua inglese pubblicata dalla casa editrice Greenberg, New York, 1933.

Français: La Vierge de 18 Carats (1924), Pitigrilli. Couverture de la première édition en anglais publiée par maison d’édition Greenberg, New York, 1933.

Deutsch: Die Jungfrau von 18 Karat (1924), Pitigrilli. Deckel des ersten Ausgabe in englischer veröffentlicht vom Verlag Greenberg, New York, 1933.


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